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Everything You Should Know About India Tribal Care Trust

Improving the socio-economic conditions of the people living in the tribal areas has been a major challenge for the government. The central government and the state respective governments are trying to come up with the finest welfare programs. It is good to remember that the governments have been trying to do this since the country…

Challenges Faced by India Tribal Care Trust for Tribal Welfare Program

Right after the independence of the country in 1947, the governments in India have paid serious attention to the welfare of the tribal people living in various parts of the country. Unfortunately, the outcome of this effort is not up to the mark. Due to this, the tribal people are still facing massive socio-economic troubles.…

Factors For Successful Of Tribal Development Programs In India

Running welfare programs is a major responsibility of a welfare state and the governments are bound to follow that responsibility at any cost. The government of India is no exception here as it is also working relentlessly to create and implement welfare programs for everyone. However, the success rate is not that impressive. It is…

How Does Charitable Trust In Kolkata Work For Tribal Welfare Work?

The social activists in India and abroad have shown tremendous interest when it comes to conducting research to find out the real reasons for the backwardness of the tribal areas in India. They agree to one point that talks about insincere and insufficient efforts from the governments since the independence. They are of the view…

Social Responsibilities of India Tribal Care Trust

Taking care of every citizen of the country is a fundamental responsibility of a welfare state like India. However, the governance methods in India are not smooth and flawless and that is why all the people in the country do not get similar advantages of the government welfare programs. The tribal people are the worst…

The Ways India Tribal Care Trust Work To Achieve Its Targets

The chief responsibility of a non-government organization or an NGO is to plan welfare programs that can work for a particular part of the community or the whole community as their target may be. Here, the NGOs either work completely by themselves or they seek assistance from other organizations, including the government, both at the…

5 Myths and Related Facts About India Tribal Care Trust

Myths are actually miscalculations or rather misconceptions that people gather or acquire due to ignorance. On many occasions, people listen to others and trust them with closed eyes. This is yet another reason that strengthens the roots of misconception. People go far away from the truth after they become the victims of misconceptions and myths.…

How Does The Government Cooperate With The India Tribal Care Trust?

  Taking care of people belonging to all sections of the society is a responsibility that the government of the country needs to carry out sensibly. It is also the responsibility of the respective state governments to plan out everything so that everyone in the country should get enough opportunity to live and grow. However,…

Prominent Challenges Before The Tribal Care Trust Upliftment Initiative

Working for the weaker sections of the society of downtrodden people is a very challenging task. Though many people or organizations undertake such responsibilities, they often face real life problems and ultimately they quit. These problems are very big on many occasions and that is why they often leave the task. On most of the…

How Indian Tribal Care Trust Help in Upliftment of Tribals

India is a land of diversity where people from numerous backgrounds live together. With a deep faith in the ideal of ‘Unity among diversity,’ these people live together with the perfect harmony and social synchronization. In a country like India, where no caste or creed gets any special attention, status, or significance, living in perfect…

The Salient Features of India Tribal Care Trust

When it comes to the overall development of the tribal people in India, you may find very few government programs and initiatives that have anything to do with the proper welfare of the tribal communities. Actually, the same situation has been prevailing right from the days of India’s independence. The social activists are often of…

Tribal Upliftment Initiative – Goals Of India Tribal Care Trust

A common belief about post-independence India says that the advantages of independent India have not reached equally among all sections of the Indian society. Such a belief is not baseless and that you can prove by the reports served by India Tribal Care Trust. The tribal people along with the people listed in the schedule…

The Ideals Before India Tribal Care Trust In India

India is known all over the world for its exquisite cultural heritage that consists of people belonging to numerous castes, creeds, sects, and religions. The difference between the lifestyles of urban and rural India can be distinctive enough to give you a clear picture of what facilities people get in their respective places. Tribal people…

New School Building at Diphu, Karbi Anglong, Assam Supported by Gitawise

New school building for Tribal children in Diphu, Assam supported by Gita Wise of Atlanta, USA. We are grateful to Gitawise for extending their helping hand in making our missions successful.

Relief distribution program

Like previous few months, on 20.12.20 we organised a relief distribution program in 3 locations of Purulia; Ajodhya Hill top, Harmadi village and Maldi Sabar Para. With support of Tarak Bhola Mandir Trust, Baranagar, Kolkata and in the presence of their volunteers we distributed sarees and blankets among poor and needy tribal families and emergency…

Sweater Distribution in Tribal Areas

Being aware of cold weather approaching, specially in tribal areas where poor tribal people can not afford for sweaters, India Tribal Care Trust (ITCT) did sweater distribution among poor tribal students. ITCT managed to distribute 1919 sweaters among the tribal students of Tripura, Assam, West Bengal. This endeavor of ITCT was made successful by the…

New Vehicle for West Bengal & Tripura

INDIA TRIBAL CARE TRUST has purchased 2 new Bolero to reach more tribal villages in order to develop more projects there. One car will be used in West Bengal and other in Tripura.

Construction of Bhaktivedanta National School

The first floor construction of Bhaktivedanta National School is in progress in Ayodhya. In order to accommodate the large number of students ITCT has decided to build one more floor. Presently, Dhalai work of the first floor is in progress. We are grateful to Mr. Mahesh Advani from Ajmera for his kind financial support to…

Vocational Traning Center – Purulia

On 3rd October, INDIA TRIBAL CARE TRUST inaugurated the VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER at the hill top of Ayodhya. Initially training of tailoring and computer has started. 24 ladies have taken admission for taking training for tailoring.

Free Medical Camp in Purulia

Special two days camp at Ayodhya hill to help needy Tribal people in these areas. During these two days camp, India Tribal Care Trust arranged for food distribution and medical help for tribal people. On 2nd October 2020 also India Tribal Care Trust conducted health camp where around 200 tribals were treated with free medicine,…

Hostel for Tribal Children

Hostel for tribal children with financial help for construction by devotees of gita reading society of Singapore. Support Iskcon Tribal Care Initiative Your generosity will be highly appreciated. Please help us to keep this Initiative alive, your donations are solely used for the purpose of betterment of lifestyle of these tribal people. We ensure funds…

Construction of Tribal Center and Guest House at Kundanala,Assam

Construction of tribal center and guest house at Kundanala in the district of Hailakandi in Assam by the kind donation of Mahesh Advani from Damodara desh. Support Iskcon Tribal Care Initiative Your generosity will be highly appreciated. Please help us to keep this Initiative alive, your donations are solely used for the purpose of betterment…

Construction of school building at Ayodhya, Purulia

Construction of school building at Ayodhya purulia is going on by kind donation of Ram chakraborty from Chicago. Raeswar prabhu from London. Amit prabhu from Jamsedpur and Nabakuma prabhu from Durgapur. Support Iskcon Tribal Care Initiative Your generosity will be highly appreciated. Please help us to keep this Initiative alive, your donations are solely used…

Construction of school building at Ananda bazar in Tripura

Construction of school building at Ananda bazar in Tripura. By the financial help of Damodaradesh congregation and Rameswar prabhu from London. We are grateful to all the donors and dovotees who has come forward with the motive of helping our mission. Your generosity will be highly appreciated. Please help us to keep this Initiative alive,…

New School Building in Assam

One political leader in Assam built this building for college . He could not succeed . Now he donated this building to Iskcon Tribal Care Initiative to run it as English medium school. Today students are getting admission. Dress and books are distributed to tribal children. Please give your blessing. Support ISKCON Tribal Care Initiative…

Blanket Distribution in a Village of Assam

Its was really a pleasure to distribute blankets to the tribal people. These blankets are donated by Sri. Hirananda Adnani from Dubai, India tribal care trust is grateful to Mr. Adnani for his kind support. Support ISKCON Tribal Care Initiative Your generosity will be highly appreciated. Please help us to keep this Initiative alive, your…

Travelling to Raimanipara in Tripura

Travelling to Raimani para in Tripura in deep and dense forest in the middle of mountains. We have to walk several miles on the river bed. Gang of devotees followed us, which made us feel low stressful. We will be working on betterment of the life style of these tribal people. Support Iskcon Tribal Care…

School Building at Ayodhya Hills, Purulia

Construction of School Building has started at Ayodhya Hills. Thanks to all who has generously helped us in the initiative. We are looking forward to make this school well equiped with modern education systems and teaching methodology. As you can we the construction of the builing is in full swing. Many engineers and project site…

Hostel students putting Tilak and studying.

In the state of Jhardkhand hostel students putting tilak and studying. Childrens are happy to put tilak on each others forehead. ITCT has transformed these childrens, now they look very happy and healthy. By the blessings of Lord, these childrens have learned to chant hari naam sankirtan and japa mala. Support Iskcon Tribal Care Initiative…

Blanket Distribution

Winter season has started, and tribal people are happy to receive blankets.  We care for the Tribal People, and we make sure each and every person in the village receive Blankets in this season. Support Iskcon Tribal Care Initiative Your Genorousity will be highly appretiated. Please help us to keep this Initiative alive, your donations…

Devotees taking care of tribal children

Devotees taking care of tribal children. These children hardly get cleaned or use oil and soap. Our tribal. Care Giver helping tribal children to be cleaned. It is common in remote villages small children roaming nacked specially when they take bath in pond. Fortunate Tribal Children deserve good loving care, they are Chanting so nicely.…

ISKCON India Governing Bureau Chairman Gopal Krishna Goswami along with Yudhishtir Govinda Das met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

ISKCON India Governing Bureau Chairman Gopal Krishna Goswami along with Yudhishtir Govinda Das met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi this morning in his office at New Delhi, and presented him a super delux edition of Bhagavad-gita As It Is, published by the BBT in Italy. HH Gopal Krishna Goswami also discussed with Honourable prime minister…


The tribals are going through a crucial phase of identity crisis. Their very existence is being questioned today. They have their houses but the land on which they build it is not their own; they live in the forest but every tree in it belongs to the government; a river flows through their area, but its water is poisoned and therefore undrinkable. Uprooted from their own land and neglected by the government these tribals are unwillingly forced to move to towns in search of a dignified lifestyle, but in return they pay a heavy price for doing so. They have to give up their cultural identity in order to fit into the society.


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We are committed to enrich each and every tribal area with properly estabhlished schools for childrens.
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We strive every nerve to serve the society, our motto is to reach those areas where survival is a great challenge.
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The scarcity of drinking water and poor sanitation system is a major problem affecting the health of tribal people in India.
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ITCT has been successfully distributing free meals to thousands of tribals on community gatherings on different occasions.
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Our team has strengthened the role of tribal youth and women for economic growth. Learn more about our activities.
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ITCT has always stood by the tribals and provided essential relief materials to the distressed and tribals.

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