Spiritual Care

Hare Krsna !

India Tribal Care Trust just shows the tribals the multiple routes to attain spirituality, all with the ultimate goal of making the tribals aware of their own identity and the richness of their culture because spirituality is all about finding one’s own self. ITCT holds that the tribal life is perfectly suited to KRISHNA consciousness and the secret lies in the essence of tribal beliefs.

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Prayer Halls

We have build prayer halls in many places in the North East India. Tribals can prey in these halls any time. We have received sponsorship from many devotees around the world to build such prayer halls. 

These halls are maintained by the Tribal People in the respective region. 

Spiritual Paraphernalia

Tribals are very active devotees, rarely on any occassion that they might miss out on devotional Paraphernalia. Throughout the year Hari-Naam Sankirtans, Jaap Mala Distribution, Sri.Bhagvad Gita Distribution etc are carried out with full spirit.

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