Health Care

Free Medical Camps

Health issues are very carefuly addressed by ITCT. Each and every Tribal is entitled to the health care benefits provided by the ITCT medical volunteers. Our team of doctors are very active supporters of our mission. 

Health camps at remote areas

ITCT strives every nerve to serve the society, our motto is to reachout even to the remotest areas where survival is a great challenge.

Sponsoring Treatment of the Tribals

Sometimes affording treatment is beyond their affordability, in such cases ITCT sponsors the treatment of the tribals.

Providing First-Aid Kits

First-Aid kits are freely distributed to each and every home of the Tribal areas.

Organising Health-Care Seminars

Tribals need proper education to maintain their health. ITCT conducts seminars from time-to-time in order to educate them and spread health related awareness.

Donate for Health-Care Causes