Care Initiative

Education Care

ITCI believes that seed of their identity needs to be sown in the hearts of tribal children today so that tomorrow it grows into a beautiful and fruitful tree with its roots deriving nourishment from their own tradition and culture. With this view in mind ITCI is endeavoring to provide education to every young mind blooming even in the remotest villages.

Spiritual Care

ITCI just shows the tribals the multiple routes to attain spirituality, all with the ultimate goal of making the tribals aware of their own identity and the richness of their culture because spirituality is all about finding one’s own self. ITCI holds that the tribal life is perfectly suited to KRSNA consciousness and the secret lies in the essence of tribal beliefs.

Health Care

Body, mind and spirit are connected so it is imperative to maintain a healthy balance between the three elements. The tribals are devoid of health care benefits due to negligence on the governmental front and also due to lack of hygiene awareness. We help bridge the gap between the medical benefits and the tribals by bringing the health care benefits to the doorstep and vice-versa.

Social Care

Social care endeavours to provide practical support with a view of helping individuals maintain their independence, to increase their quality of life and to help them lead fuller and more enjoyable lives. It aims to boost their skills and prevent them from falling prey to exploitation.

Emotional Care

We firmly believe in compassion and wishes to walk with people in the midst of their pain, to be partners with them rather than merely dictating them as to how to live their life. They wish to counsel people in need and have found a unique way to provide emotional support by fusing it with spirituality with the hope that spirituality shall help them to have a positive outlook towards life.

Let us join hands and help them

"The tribal people are in need of helping hands, to provide them with proper education, social support, financial support and all that it takes for bare survival.."
Sridham govinda das