India Tribal Care Trust (ITCT), one of the most significant initiatives of ISKCON, is a public charitable trust formed under Indian Trust Act’1882. Even after 74 years of gained independence, tribal families of our country have been deprived of the major facilities and basic needs. They remain uneducated and isolated from the civilized section of our country. Thus, we have established India Tribal Care Trust to ensure the development and improvement of tribal communities in India. At ITCT, we think that every human being has the right to live a prosperous life.

Since 2016, our dedicated monks and volunteers have made the best efforts to feed tribal children, educate them, solve the drinking water problem, and educate tribal villagers. After 3 years, we have our presence in Tripura, Assam, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha. This year onwards, we are expanding in Andhra Pradesh & Maharashtra. We want to reach out to the tribals across India, but right now, we are not present in every tribal zone.
By understanding the economic and social necessities of tribes, we have worked for the betterment of their living standard. With daily encouragements and follow-ups of our team, lots of tribes in eastern and northeastern India have found a path of hope in their life.
To ensure success in our mission, we have penetrated every tribal zone in India. We have found the best holistic ways of securing the tribes in our country.